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Microsdcx Ultra 64GB Fake or not?

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 I have recentely bought 4 microsd card of 64GB for my tablet and camera and ... from, Today  I got them. I spent hours trying to prove it to myself if they are not fake. I used h2testw. At first it was recognizing like 60MB, but after formatting the microsd card (in windows ntfs) it could recognize it and here is the result:


Warning: Only 60814 of 60905 MByte tested.
Test finished without errors.

You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 13.8 MByte/s
Reading speed: 39.5 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4


The only thing making me still worried is the small label on back of the card having the serial number on it. It looks like an attached black label, not looking really geniune to me. Here I put some imges:




Here comes the black label. I even tried to peel it off. But stopped doing it as I could see some part of circuit showing up. 



I still keep the other 3 cards unopened, to be sure that they are geniune.


I appreciate your help, if you just could tell me if the black label on back of the card , with serial number and made in Taiwan is normal for this type of cards or not.



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Re: Microsdcx Ultra 64GB Fake or not?

Smiley Happy   Hello Amin5236,

Dear member of the SanDisk Community welcome.

Sorry friend, for the trouble you are going through.

Well ... I congratulate you for your excellent post, so smart and clear.

Notice that what I say now, of course, is a "personal capacity" and are my assumptions, not the Forum.
And if I'm wrong, I apologize to all, it is through ignorance or ingenuity, and I just, I will pay the consequences have to pay.

I do not understand how "Stores Selling" large, do not have a "Technical Department" to avoid, sell junk and defraud customers "accidentally".
For there, in "Criminal Law," a "Legal Figure", called "Necessary Participant".
These "shops" are, they are a "link in the chain" to make the scam.
Also, not only defrauded you. And you can "take legal action" in his country, against the company and report it, where appropriate.


SanDisk also detrimental to with these fakes.
Please submit your complaint, as well documented, in technical support:

1-  I never saw a label so any card, recognized brand.
Peel off the label, without fear, because the card, are fully sealed, and no there may be a visible circuit.
In addition, the tag increases the thickness of the card, making "false" link. Surely, covered his other code. A junk.

2-  If we see, the pins all have "irregular" edges. A junk.

3-  It would be interesting to compare all the codes, other containers.
4-  The Sandisk adapters, I know, come with a red label "low relief".

5-  Check, that in all adapters, readers and "memory card" (as well as its other devices) Sandisk, is have engraved logo and the serial.

Ie, all the data necessary for technical, commercial and legal identification.

Luck, and then you tell us what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                           (Google translated)



Smiley Happy   Hola Amin5236,

Estimado miembro de la Comunidad SanDisk, bienvenido.

Lo siento amigo, por las molestias que está pasando.

Bueno... Lo felicito, por su excelente mensaje, tan inteligente y claro.

Aviso, que lo que digo ahora, por supuesto, es a "título personal", y son hipótesis mías, y no del Forum.
Y si me equivoco, les pido disculpas a todos, pues es por ignorancia o ingenuidad, y yo sólo, pagaré las consecuencias que tenga que pagar.

No entiendo, cómo "Tiendas de Venta" grandes, no tienen un "Gabinete Técnico", para evitar, vender porquerías y estafar a los clientes "sin querer".
Pues hay, en "Derecho Penal", una "Figura Legal", que se llama "Partícipe Necesario".
Estas "Tiendas", lo son, pues son un "eslabón de la cadena", para que se realice la estafa.
Además, no sólo lo estafaron a usted. Y usted puede "accionar judicialmente", en su país, contra esta empresa y denunciarla, dónde corresponda.

También perjudican a SanDisk con estas falsificaciones.
Por favor, presente su denuncia, tan bien documentada en soporte técnico:

1-  Yo nunca vi, una etiqueta así, en ninguna card, de marca reconocida.
Desprenda la etiqueta, sin miedo, porque las card, vienen totalmente selladas, y no puede haber un circuito visible.
Además, la etiqueta, aumenta el espesor de la card, haciendo "falso contacto". Seguramente, tapaba otro código. Una basura.
2-  Si vemos, los pines, todos tienen los bordes "irregulares". Una basura.
3-  Sería interesante, comparar, todos los códigos, de los otros envases.
4-  Los adaptadores Sandisk, que yo conozco, vienen con una etiqueta roja en "bajorrelieve".

5-  Compruebe, que en todos los adaptadores, lectores y "tarjeta de memoria" (al igual que en sus otros dispositivos) Sandisk, se ha grabado el logotipo y el número de serie.

Es decir, todos los datos necesarios para la identificación técnica, comercial y jurídica.

Suerte, y luego nos cuentas, qué pasó, por favor.

Saludos, Alfred.


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Re: Microsdcx Ultra 64GB Fake or not?

Just my opinion here. I think it's real. Electronic devices are just manufactured in Taiwan so companies could save. That's just one perspective though. 

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Re: Microsdcx Ultra 64GB Fake or not?

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Hello and thank you,

so do you think the RMA process is applicable for this case? I mean if I can use RMA service and ask SanDisk to check the product if it is geniune or not? 


I tried to peel the  label more. I see some dot-circuit parts. I couldn't peel more, because it got very  difficult.


here some photos:


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 Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Re: Microsdcx Ultra 64GB Fake or not?

Smiley Happy   Hi,


Yes, please, contact technical support, they are the ones that will give you the final word.


Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                                (Google translated)


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Re: Microsdcx Ultra 64GB Fake or not?

OK, I  got a relatively quick answer from sandisk after my contact by email:

here is the response:

Dear Amin,
..........bla bla bla ....
According to the posted photos in the forum, I am glad to inform you that the card is a genuine SanDisk product.
As I can understand in the beginning card was not working properly as well being recognized as 60MB, however now the issues was resolved. Please let us know if you are facing any further issues with the card so we can assist you further.

Please provide the below information so that we can verify the authenticity of your card and register it for warranty purposes:

- Date of purchase (MM/DD/YYYY)
- Please also provide your phone number (we use this only for follow up on your case should it be needed and do not use it for other purposes)
Please note that the best way to ensure you are purchasing an authentic SanDisk product is to buy from an authorized SanDisk reseller. 
I will register my microsd's and then I think I will be covered by sandisk support if enything goes wrong.
Thank you forum guys, thank you SanDisk
Smiley Happy