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Linux kernel error with SanDisk SDXC cards.

Hi, I'm not sure if SanDisk is aware of this, but there's a mass bug across all Linux distributions right now which prevents any SanDisk Extreme Pro card from being recognized by Linux.

Linux replies with the messege "error -110 whilst initialising SD card" to brand new SanDisk cards, but works fine with other cards.


I'm running Linux Debian 10 on a Thinkpad x270 which supports SDXC with Linux kernel 4.19.0-4-amd64.


Here are links to recent cases of people reporting that SanDisk Extreme Pro cards fail to work on Linux of various distributions:





  • 22 April 2019 - This is my own case.


On the 12th of February Ubuntu case a Linux kernel maintainer, Ulf Hansson, replied:

Unfortunate that's one of the mmc/sd drivers that would appreciate
some more active maintainer/developer.

So perhaps this issue could be forwarded upwards to SanDisk so they'd send a patch to the Linux kernel in order to fix this bug and let us Linux users enjoy SanDisk's SDXC cards too without being forced to use a USB adapter or hosting Windows on a VM?