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How to recover files after strange unexpected damage?

After 3 innocent actions can't access contents of Ultra Micro SDXC 64gb


Totally unexpected. Through process of installation of new ubuntu and trying to prevent any possible damage I mechanically ejected card. Very possibly it was mounted.I didn't realise what happened.


After this I tried just to test if it's accessible  from HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy 2 Androids. Phones reported - damaged card.


Which action was wrong? Mechanical ejection (possibly it was mounted at the moment) or these 2 tries to access?


After inserting to laptop it asks to format, but it's not the way to access files Smiley Happy


Is it still possible to access or recover files?


To send to specialists of recovery?


Thank all of you in advance.

London, UK

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Re: How to recover files after strange unexpected damage?

Any lost android phone data is not overwritten can be recovered. When data lost ,you need not to add some data on computer . Otherwise, the missing data could not be restored . In the case, you need to use some data recovery software.