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Genuine or not ?

I have received a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32Gb SD card recently. I have already registered it with Sandisk.

How can I check whether it is genuine or not ?

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Re: Genuine or not ?

I emailed Sandsik during business hours,  the code number and got reply within half hour.

That was quick .The card was indeed genuine 

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Re: Genuine or not ?

Could you please tell me what the code number was? I spoke to "chat" tech today re same thing. I believe what I gave him was what you are referring to, or product ID:  SDSDQU-032G-U46A.


I was told the only way I could find out is by telling him what the serial number is on the back of the SDHC card itself.



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Re: Genuine or not ?

You can use software ReadCID.exe to extract the CID information.

I also have same questoin. I just bought SanDisk SDXC Extreme Pro 280/mb 64GB few days ago.

I worry is a fake product. I extracted the CID info as below (Can someone who own the same SanDisk SDXC Extreme Pro 280/mb 64GB to run the ReadCID.exe and verify the result?)

Raw CID Bytes: E3-00-96-54-A2-52-80-47-34-36-50-53-44-53-03-00
Manufacturer ID: 3
Product Name: SP64G
Product Revision: 8.0
Product Serial Number: 52a25496
Manufacture Date: 3/2014
Raw CSD Bytes: 00-40-0A-80-7F-3F-D7-01-00-59-5B-5A-00-0E-40-00
CSD Version 2 bit value: CSD Version 2.0
Data Read Access Time 1 (TAAC): 1ms
Data Read Access Time 2 (NSAC): 0
Max Data Transfer Rate: 50Mbit/s
Card Command Classes: 010110110101
Max Read Data Block Length: 9
Partial Blocks For Read Allowed: False
Write Block Misalignment: False
Read Block Misalignment: False
DSR Implemented: False
Device Size: 7
Max Read Current @ VDD Min: 5mA
Max Read Current @ VDD Max: 200mA
Max Write Current @ VDD Min: 1mA
Max Write Current @ VDD Max: 200mA
Device Size Multiplier: 14
Erase Single Block Enable: True
Erase Sector Size: 128
Write Protect Group Size: 1
Write Protect Group Enable: False
Write Speed Factor: 4
Max Write Data Block Length: 2^9
Partial Blocks For Write Allowed: False
File Format Group: False
Copy Flag (OTP): False
Permanent Write Protection: False
Temporary Write Protection: False
File Format: 0