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Extreme 64 Gig CF not mounting.

I just finished a photo shoot.  Now I put my Extreme 64 Gig CF card in my internal card reader (I have used this card with no problems for about 6 months) and it does not mount.  I tried it in an external card reader and nothing.  I tried it on my laptop and nothing.  I put is back into the camera and it reads " Card not formatted for this camera"!!!  


This is a gig I can't reshoot as the talent came in for a two-day shoot and left the city after the shoot.  HELP Please!!!!



Both laptop and desktop.

Windows 10

I7 processor

32gigs ram


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Re: Extreme 64 Gig CF not mounting.

if the card is not mounting on multiple devices you will need to send the card to a company that provides data recovery services. sandisk recommends LC Technologies. You can visit to find their contact info.