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Re: Beware Of SanDisk Quality & Support

About the costs you had to send it back:
For all I know is that in my country they are bound by law to refund the costs that I have to make for getting/sending the product RMA.

You should check if this is also the case in your country.

What follows next is something I see more often these days and is not pointed at SanDisk(they handled correct and polite in my case)
Most of the time the companies are aware of these laws but unless the client specifically "makes them aware of these laws" they won't pay you back your costs.
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Re: Beware Of SanDisk Quality & Support

how can you say you have bought many cards and never had a issues, yet in the next breath you admit you have called the tech support to resolve your problems, sounds very fishy to me.


In fact I have just purchased 2 16GB sandisk cards from amazon and had to send both back because they would not format or take files, they were write protected and everything tried to make them writable failed.