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 hi-yes i'm a newbie needing help

  i had a brilliant idea--{i've been saving my videos -movies on laptop hdd with enclosures}but i thought about saving them on memory cards instead {easier to store-i have a lot of movies} but i got a couple if 64gb sandisk memory cards and have had a nightmare ever since-------i can save five movies {a total of 5gb aprox }anything after that shows on the menu but media player  and vlc says "unknown format "after the first five {the first five plays fine}

 ive tried formatting fats32 and ntsf--i've tried a compac-a vaio-a hp-a dell---with  xp-and vista----same result


     has anybody actually done this--or any ideas??


                                               thanks                      rt

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Re: 64gb

Smiley Happy    Hi Mightyyall,


Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.


1-     Please, first of all, clean the pins on the card with isopropyl alcohol (or common) .
2-     Put the SDXC 64 GB, in a laptop, directly to its port, with a good adapter (NOT a card reader).

         And see in "Properties", what capacity shows.


If less than 59 GB, we continue:

3-     In Start/My Computer, on the card icon, click the right mouse button, and then click in Properties / Tools / Error Checking and Repair.
4-     If still bad, and shows a capacity of ~ 27 GB,  try formatting with (free): USB Flash SD Formatter 4.00,


5-     If still bad, you can try, with three portable utilities (free), whether they are fakes:
5.1-  USB Flash H2testw 1.40,        -It's the classic utility, but for 64 Gb, it takes ~ 4 hours.
5.2-  USB Flash FakeTest 1.09,      -It's similar, but has a quick option, and takes minutes.
5.3-  USB Flash ChipGenius 4.00,       -All data, of your UFD.
If there is no joy, then please, do not grieve more, friend.

Return it, is defective or fake. Link:

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                              (Google translated)