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Yet, Another 16g Micro SD Problem!!

So I too, have a 16g card(micro) that might be a fake. I bought it from China. Filled it with more than 2 point something Gigs: card corrupted. Formatted the card on my cell phone; Card read 16g's still. Tried again & still corruptted near the same "fill line"(2.?g's). Formatted the Sd card in my Camera, still read 16g. Again failed to fill past two gigs. Formatted to Fat32, in my Mac, with a 35 overwrite sweep[took 108 Hrs to format]; Card still reads 16gigs- but still can't fill the card up & it Corruptted. Formatted the Micro to Ms Os X Extended (Journaled); then used DiskTools Pro to check for Bad Sectores; fix'ed them & Defragmented the card. Eureka! Card Now Fills past the 2gig mark, but my Mp3 player wont recognize the files or the card.?. Going to format it back to Fat32 & check the capacity again. Hopefully fills up this time. The card reads Sandisk with a 4 & typical markings[16gb Micro Sd Hc](can't read the #'s on the back), with a Sandisk adapter; seems legit?? Another thought is; maybe my Usb port isn't compatible with my 2.0 adapter and/or my Hc Card Any More Advise?? anyone. will update thanks
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