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SanDisk Standard SD Card 128MB CANNOT be read. Help!

Here's the story:
I have a SanDisk Standard SD™ Card 128MB for my digital camera. This past weekend, I used the camera to take pictures of my sister's engagement ceremony. By the end of the day, we reviewed the pictures on the camera and were ready to transfer them to my laptop (Note. the pictures were there). But the battery ran out, so I charged the batteries (rechargable batteries). I inserted the battery and tried to review the pictures again and... Boom!... There's a message on the camera screen: "This card cannot be used" with a symbol of card with slash in front of it.
I used USB cable and connected the camera to my laptop and the computer waited but nothing happened. I went to CVS and Walmart to try their kiosks, hoped that any of them could read the card. But NONE of them were able to read my card.
What happened with the pictures?!?! These pictures are VERY important for me, my sister, my family and my family back in my country.
Is there anyway to retrieve the picture?? We didn't delete any of the pictures and the card hasn't been formatted since.
And don't tell me that the card need to be replaced. I NEED those pictures!!
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Re: SanDisk Standard SD Card 128MB CANNOT be read. Help!

Assuming you have a card reader at your house, put the card in it and then do this:

1) Right click on My Computer and choose Manage.

2) When the Computer Management window comes up, click once on Disk Management on the left side.

3) The right hand side will turn in to two panes, an upper and lower.  Look on the lower pane, you should see Disk 0, Disk 1, etc.  Find the Disk that says Removable under it.  If it has a capacity around 128 MB (won't be exactly that) the computer is seeing the card

If the computer is seeing the card, you might be able to run a recovery utility to get the photos.

Let us know what you see.
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Re: SanDisk Standard SD Card 128MB CANNOT be read. Help!

Contact they do photo recovery and should be able to help out. They have software that you can use that will tell you if anything can be recovered. One major cause of corruption on memory cards is if it's disconnected, unplugged, or loses power while it's in the middle of accessing the card. If you were using the card and the batteries died right in the middle of this it could cause this problem. Good Luck and hope you can retrieve your pictures.
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Re: SanDisk Standard SD Card 128MB CANNOT be read. Help!

I have a Sandisk RapidGX 2.0 GB for my PSP and while I played Madden 08 it worked perfectly fine. It saved the game and everrything. But when I whent to go lisen to my music it said "Memory card could not be read". I have precious photos and videos saved and I wonder if i can get them back.