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Micro SD Card Heating Up in Phone

I have a Samsung u740 Verizon phone with a 2GB Micro SD card that's been working great for the last 9 months. A few days ago, I turned the phone on and placed it on my desk, and when I picked it up an hour later, a spot on the back of the phone was very hot to the touch and the freshly-charged battery had already lost one click in just an hour.
I took my phone to Verizon, and at first they suspected the phone battery, but the battery wasn't hot to the touch. The "hot spot" was just above where the battery connected to the phone. So they decided I needed a new phone and to keep my old battery, but they didn't have a replacement phone in stock that day.
So I've just been turning my phone on when I need to make a call, then turn it back off so it doesn't get too hot.
Today I realized the hot spot on the back of the phone was in the area where the memory card would be when inserted. I turned my phone off, removed the memory card and turned my phone back on and -- guess what -- the back of the phone didn't get hot.
Anyone ever heard of this?
Can memory cards go bad and start heating up and drain the phone's battery very quickly?
Jody in Texas
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Re: Micro SD Card Heating Up in Phone

i have had a card that was cracked get really hot could be the case here as well. regardless if it is getting hot i would not suggest putting it in the phone. if it is still under warranty i would contact sandisk tech support and ask about getting an RMA.
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Re: Micro SD Card Heating Up in Phone

I thought I was the only one. I went to Verizon, they replaced my phone, when I told them I needed a battery. 20 minutes later, the phone died. The next day told them what happened and they mailed a new battery (3 days later). Went back to Verizon, they replaced the phone, died again. Next day, replaced phone, died again. Next day, I wanted a new phone because I was tired of seeing the u740. the whole time, the issue was the MEMORY CARD!

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Re: Micro SD Card Heating Up in Phone

After drlucky posted his message in response to my original post,
I looked very closely at my memory card,
and there was a hairline crack across part of it.
I had already removed the memory card, and
all my "heating up" problems had disappeared.
And I hadn't noticed the hairline crack until drlucky posted.