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SanDisk 4GB sdhc unable to be viewed anymore

Hello, i buy sandisk 4gb sdhc card yestarday, put it in my canon make some pics and vids and then put it in integral sdhc reader and then pluged in my usb/laptop toshiba satelite/. All was fine, i transfer the pictures and video, all good. But after that i made some new pictures and when i plud the card in integral reader and then in the usb, my drive wasnt accessible and vita want it to format it, while canon still read all ok. i try format the card but none of the full or fast format working, give error in the end, while canon camera can format it and still take pictures which i cant use on my laptop becouse i lost my camera usb cable. So is my card broken somehow? but then again all is fine on my canon.. please give me advice.


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