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Olympus 1030 SW

Just wondering if Sandisk's 4/6/8 GB memory cards are compatible with Olympus' new Stylus 1030 SW.  I realize that there is a MASD-1 adapter that comes with the camera and as such it should work, but I wonder if the card will work with the panorama mode that Olympus' cameras have.  Any insight into this would be appreciated



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Re: Olympus 1030 SW

I would venture to say that if you use microSD cards you will not be able to use the Panorama feature as the camera needs an Olympus branded xD card for it to work.  Olympus puts some type of tagging feature on the card, and I am not sure that Olympus puts the same tagging feature on the adapter. 


You might want to contact Olympus, just to make sure.