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How many ways to setup the SSD for use in ESX?

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Hi, I'm a newbie here. I'm looking at your docs after speaking to someone at your convention booth. For ESX, I just have a couple of questions regarding my options on how to setup my SSD for cache use:


1) Do I have the option of cutting up the SSD as a volume, but only expose what I want to FlashSoft as a vmdk?

2) Can I present the SSD as a raw device to a VM, and run FlashSoft from a VM and use the SSD that way? Is this recommended practice?

3) If I have more than one SSD in my server, is it recommended to mirror them (assuming same size), or concatenate them?


I'm sure I have more questions regarding SSD provisioning, so I'd like to use this thread for that.

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Re: How many ways to setup the SSD for use in ESX?

Thanks for your questions, following are my answers.


Yes, you can format a SSD as a VMFS datastore, create a VMDK of appropriate size and assign the VMDK as a caching device for use with Flashsoft software. But, in the interest of getting the best performance from the SSD, we recommend you provide SSD as a full raw device to FlashSoft for caching.


For write-back caching we recommend you use more than one SSD in mirror mode (e.g. as RAID-1) so that if one of the SSD's is dead, you do not have data loss.


For write-through mode you can use multiple SSD (e.g. as RAID-0) to increase performance and capacity.


Please feel free to come back with more questions.



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Re: How many ways to setup the SSD for use in ESX?



can anyone help me to download this FlashSoft? I could not find it on the sandisk webpage!


many thanks!


Please send me any answer to bberczi0 @ gmail dot com


Thank you!