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usb IXPAND Scandisk file access in vault



could anyone please help me with my problem.


Lately i bought your usb ixpand 32 Gb usb device for my Iphone6 due to the security vault and protection measures that no unauthorised access can be done by those who do not know the exact password. 


Unfortunately i cannot listen to conversations in MP3 files that are stored into the vault on the usb via my Iphone 6. Is there a way to access these files?  When I select one of these files de message " File Locked! Please unlock this file to view it." I can only choose for OK. I can unlock these files and transfer them to for example the " music" directory, but than again the file is outsite the vault and strait access to the file can be done when you put the usb in another PC or Ipone device. 


I hope someone can help me to solve my problem. 


Best regards and many thanks in advance. ,