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USB Flash Disk fixed disk- removable disk no fix!

Case reference #2287871 Our company was very disappointed with the answers received with the no fix situation for the fixed disk removable disk problem that SanDisk has with its flash drives. In checking online other manufactures of flash drives have addressed the same problem with their products and have supplied their customers with firmware to fix the problem but to this day SanDisk has not and we were informed by SanDisk that they have no intention of fixing the problem or refunding any of its customers for their defective product! In other words they just don't care about their customers! This all comes as a result of WindowstoGo program from Microsoft that began about 3 years ago and all the manufactures were supposed to have signed on to with Microsoft to put more money in Microsofts greedy pockets! Way to lay down SanDisk and you let Microsoft roll all over you and us the consumers! We are not haters of Microsoft but feel that they manipulate and over step their bounds way to often and ends up costing all of us consumers for mistakes or misques that their rich company should absord not us the consumers! We have been faithful SanDisk customers in the past but are no longer SanDisk customers or users of your products for the future! We simlpy can't trust SanDisk!!!!
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Re: USB Flash Disk fixed disk- removable disk no fix!

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What product are you referring to? This is an Enterprise product forum and as far as I know SanDisk does not manufacture any Enterprise USB flash drives. You may want to go post this in the retail product forum.


That said from looking at SanDisk's USB product lines on it does not seem they have any product that is advertised as Windows to Go compatible. Windows to Go requires a Fixed disk configuration USB drive which is really not the standard. If you are looking for a device specific to Windows to Go I would suggest looking for a product that states Windows to Go compatibility specifically in the marketing materials.  

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Re: USB Flash Disk fixed disk- removable disk no fix!

Please I bought 5 pendrives USB Flash Drive Cruzer Glide SDCZ60-128G the Windows 7 or windows 8.1 recognizes as fixed disk as change for removable?


because my software need only removable disk.