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Audiobook player

Please forward to your technology/research dept. 

Has Sandisk noticed that the Sansa Clip + player is now selling significantly above retail. Your  current players (jam & sport) are selling well below retail and getting disappointing reviews. There is a vacuum for dedicated mini audiobook players. can't produce books fast enough.


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Re: Audiobook player

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This post has been ignored for two years. From October to January 2018, I found 178 sales on Ebay for the Sansa Fuze (1st & 2nd Gen combined) The most recent sale of a Sansa Fuze Gen1 (factory sealed) was for $169.99. I bought 8 Sansa Fuze Gen1 devices in 2008 and gave them to members of the family for Christmas. They were great mp3 players! I believe there would be a significant market for them if you brought something comparible back to your current offering. The Clip Jam and Sport might be good for some people, but not good for those with imperfect eyesight. The most obvious reason for discontinuing the devices are smartphones, but not everyone is saavy enough to use them and would prefer something simpler. They also may want a separate device, so they don't have to tie up their phone when using it. Please bring back the Fuze Gen1! ( I bought a Fuze Gen2 after my Gen1 gave out and was not impressed with the functionality of the touch controls)