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Using Extreme Card Reader with other Firewire Devices

i have 3 Firewire Ports on my workstation, i have my iPod connected to one, and a daisy chain of HDD connected to another and finally my Extreme Card Reader connected to the last.

i don't have any trouble with the HDD or the iPod until i plug a card into the reader, then i loose the connection to my iPod, and my HDD go offline and then come back one by one, the iPod sometimes gets found again and other times, i'll have to take it out of its dock and then insert it again..

system is running XP64, with a Gigabyte 965P-DS4 motherboard

any suggestions?
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Re: Using Extreme Card Reader with other Firewire Devices

this sounds like a power issue. Although technically FireWire has the capability to connect to up to 63 devices on a bus, the amount of power that is available from the computer, as well as the amount of power required by the devices, determines the number of bus powered devices that can be connected.