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Trouble reading RiData Lightning 32gb card in Extreme USB 2.0 CF reader ( SDDRX3-CF )

Okay... I have 4 computers to test with. I have 6 card readers to test with. I have 4 CF cards to test with.


All readers work fine with all computers. All computers are running Windows XP. The readers are


Extreme Firewire reader

Extreme USB 2.0 CF reader ( SDDRX3-CF )

Extreme USB 2.0 3 in 1       ( SDDRX3-3in1 )

Imagemate All in one          ( SDDR-189 ) 

Atech Flash Pro-Gear

IO Gear reader


The 4 CF cards are:


RiData Lightning 32GB

Sandisk Extreme IV Ducati Edition 8gb

Sandsik Extreme III 4GB

Sandisk Ultra II 2GB


All the readers read all the Sandisk CF cards just fine. 

Every reader EXCEPT the SDDRX3-CF reads the lightning card

just fine. THe only problem is with the lightning card and the sddrx3-cf

reader. Is there anything I can do? That particular reader behaves as if

there is no card in the unit, or as if the card is in an unknown format. 

The LED lights up when the card is in, but other than that, there is no

acknowledgement that there is a card inserted. The other Sandisk readers

all work just fine. This particular reader works fine with OTHER CF cards, 

just not the lightning. 


I'm sorry if this post was overly redundant, but I've been dealing with tech support. LOL