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SDDRX4-CF what power spl needed to use it with PYRO adapter?

Loptop - sony VGN-CR220E - only 4 pin FireWire 400
I bought PYRO1394b (API-654) ( adapter for ExpressCard slot but it doesn't supply connected devices with any power from loptop at all, so we need additional power supply by the way - adapter(PYRO1394b) - better to say controller - has connector for aditional power to provide it to connected devices... but I need information - would you please tell me - voltage and current for SDDRX4-CF? I want to know for sure what this baby needs. (your technical info says nothing about it) and - Thanks for this perfect and very fast device. (I still dont' get how it can read 27mb per second using only 1394a protocol)
ThankYou in advance for the answer.
Please don't tell me that I cannot use external power supply - I'll really need to use it "in the middle of nowhere" in a couple of days... at least tell me the voltage - I think 2 Amp will be enough I swear I'll get the best power supply on the market with perfect parameters. (12v? 5v?) I really don't want to burn it and I'll really need to plug in something. Just voltage :smileyhappy:
Thanks again.
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Re: SDDRX4-CF what power spl needed to use it with PYRO adapter?

You are going to need to contact Pyro for that information.  FireWire is a standard, which means the port puts out the power, and the bus powered device (in this case the card reader) accepts it.  Every device needs a different power level, but you are not looking for a  power supply for the reader, you are looking for one to power the Pyro adapter, which will then power the reader. 

Contact Pyro, they will be better able to assist you in getting the power supply to give enough voltage to their FireWire adapter.