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Extreme Firewire Reader not working in Win XP

Yes I know, not another one :smileysad: but I want to bump it since it seems like a common problem and want to see what is working.


I would like to ask users with Win XP that are success stories list their relevant setup (i.e.. OS and version, brand firewire controller, onboard or card, OS driver or aftermarket). It might greatly help me and others that are having this problem; maybe a trend will emerge :smileywink:


I have Extreme Firewire Reader (SDDRX4-CF-901) running Win XP SP 3 with onboard T/I OHCI IEEE 1394a (6-wire with power). I have tried the Windows OS drivers (V 5.1.2535.0) and UniBrain ubCore drivers (V


When connected, blue light comes on and blue light flashes 5 sec after card insertion or after plugging in cable with card already in the reader.


Tried everything listed in the forums and tried reader on 3 different XP computers in the house; same result with or without driver patches. All with XP SP2 or greater and onboard 1394a.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Extreme Firewire Reader not working in Win XP

Returned unit to supplier and got new unit, worked out of the box plug and play; at least 2-3 times faster than USB reader (subjective not measured).


Word to the wise, do not attempt to use Sandisk online tech support I never got a reply... just call them.