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Recovering Canon 7D footage off corrupted 64GB Extreme Pro card



Some sort of copying error ocurred while copying Canon 7D video files from my 64GB extreme pro card to my computer using Mac OS 10.5.8 -  I believe it was a finder crash after half the files had successfully copied across.


The computer will no longer recognize the card, nor will the camera - although I'd previously watched the clips on the camera.


I used the supplied Sandisk Recue Pro software and successfully retrieved and saved most files off the card.  BUT, a few of the the files saved cannot be recognized as video files after recovery - it seems as if they are only partial files.  It appears that the failed files are the longer video clips and that there may me a maximum file size for recovered files within rescue pro.  Most of the failed files are 250MB exactly once saved on my hard drive which tells me that perhaps this is a file size limit.


Is there another great way of recovering files from this card?

I have not re-formatted the card or re-used it, and simply kept it aside until I can find a solution.


many thanks.