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Problems with Extreme Pro 16GB

I bought a 16GB card from Amazon France (from Amazon, not reseller, so I am confident it is genuine).  The problem is, I get better performance with my older Sandisk Extreme IV 8GB card.


I have tested this using a Canon 7D.  I ran several tests for each and did an average.


Burst raw over 5 seconds:

  • Extreme IV average 31
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro average 28!


I have reported this to the sandisk help desk, but a promised email with a case ID has yet to be sent!!!  MY guess is I have a faulty card, so have been unlucky.  We will see.


I was really expecting great things from this card.......

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Re: Problems with Extreme Pro 16GB

the issue here is probably a limitation of the camera. the new extreme pro cards are UDMA 6 which allow transfers up to 90MB/sec. your camera probably only supports UDMA 4. the cards most likely will perform near identical in your camera. you may want to contact canon to see for sure what transfer mode is supported.