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Best 2.0 USB reader for Extreme IV 8 GB CF

I have the Extreme IV 8 GB cards, but can't use a FireWire Extreme Reader because my laptop only has 4 pins in its firewire port instead of the needed 6 or 9 pins, so I thought I would buy the SanDisk Extreme® 2.0 USB Reader.  However, you can't buy it from because it's not listed under the "buy direct" tab, nor can I buy it from\SanDisk because it is unavailable.  B&H Photo and a number of other companies told me that SanDisk discontinued the SanDisk Extreme® 2.0 USB Reader, so they no longer have any for sale and can't get any more.  I can get it from one place through Amazon, but if it's been discontinued, I'm not sure I want to buy it.  Does anyone know why was it discontinued? 


Which card reader would be the best for the Extreme IV cards?  I need to be able to transfer a ton of digital pictures in the field in a short time.   Thanks!

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Re: Best 2.0 USB reader for Extreme IV 8 GB CF