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Unable to Locate Serial Number - SOLVED

I just purchased an Extreme III 8gb CF from Amazon for my Nikon D300s. The retail package came with a RescuePro 4.0 installation mini CD - which I installed. However, when I first ran the app a dialog popped up asking for a serial number. The problem is, I can find no serial number. The box package contains only the UPC; the mini disc was sealed in a clear glassine envelope that bore no printing at all; the CD itself has an alphanumeric number imprinted on it that bears no resemblance to the format the SW is asking for. Do I obtain a serial number form Sandisk or do I contact LC-tech, the folks who make RescuePro?

Thanks, Monk


UPDATE: After considering everything about the package I received, in conjunction with the missing serial number, I wondered if the flash card was legit. I contacted SanDisk support who had me send JPEGs of all of the card surfaces and edges. It was a counterfeit card, in a counterfeit package, with a bootlegged copy of RescuePro and no serial number. Turns out, counterfeiting SanDisk cards is big business. My money has already been refunded and Amazon is currently investigating the issue with the seller, Ford_Store.



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Re: Unable to Locate Serial Number

That is indeed that serial key for the software. You have to click on the link on Step 1 and input your serial key. Once done, it will provide you an activation code which you put on step 2.
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