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Micromate Extreme Reader doesn't work

I just bought a Micromate Reader/4.0GB SDHC Extreme card combo. The card works fine in my camera, and my computer recognizes the Micromate reader as "New Hardware," although what appears to be an LCD on the reader does not light up when it's plugged into the computer. And when I try to download photos from the card to my computer, I get the message "Please insert disk into Drive I" (the drive the reader is plugged into). The computer apparently does not recognize the card. I tried it on my office computer with the same result. Both computes run Windows XP. Is my reader malfunctioning, or this there something else I need to do? Thanks in advance...

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Re: Micromate Extreme Reader doesn't work

Have you tried different usb ports on the computer. Try using a usb port on the back of the computer. Also try using your camera as a reader using the usb cable that came with it.