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Extreme III problems with Nikon D70s



I used two new CF Extreme III 2GB in my Nikon D70s. The card is recommeded by Nikon and SanDisk. Both cards did with the camera and pics what they wanted:

- card error

- card not readable 

- format error


Sometimes the cards did well but sometimes not. The first card "died" with approx 150 pics and the comment on the camera´s monitor: Card is empty! The PC said: Card is not readable!  

The second card got the same problems, BUT all pics are still visible on the camera´s monitor!!! The card is not empty.

But I have NO CHANCE to load the pics into my PC. I tried several computers, several card readers, all systems with the same result: Card not readable (with a lot of visible pics ???)

Camera was checked by dealer and confirmed without problems! 


Is there a chance to get the pics out of the camera/card with a recovery software, rescue program or what ever?


Thanx for help, sorry for ´german english´ ;-)




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Re: Extreme III problems with Nikon D70s

You can try to use the RescuePro data recovery software that came with the cards.  But if the software can not read the cards then there is not much else you can do.


I would then contact SanDisk to verify whether the cards are genuine or not.

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Re: Extreme III problems with Nikon D70s

Ok, rescue pro installed, ´save pictures´ button pushed.

Software is able to read my C and D drive but not E (card slot).

That means all pics gone....again.


I will never use Extreme III cards again with Nikon D70s!

Who is responsible for the recommendations on the website? 

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Re: Extreme III problems with Nikon D70s

Well, I use a 4GB Extreme III CF with my Nikon D70, and have done so without issue.  I would still contact SanDisk to verify authenticity.