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8 GB Extreme III problems

I bought six 8gb Extreme III's and have had the same problem with all of them. After losing some of the bridals ysterday, I am done with them. I've had three conversations with tech support (due to a difficulty with English the first one was of no value) and they've been responsive, they even called me back. When the cards near capacity, they cause a "CHA" error message on my D3. I reformat all cards before every job and have never had an issue with any other card. Tech support asked for the serial numbers, but I never heard back from them. Very frustrating to say the least. There are a lot of threads about this topic on the SanDisk forum, so I know I'm not the only one. Just wondering why they don't deal with this. No problems with my Lexar, Hoodman or cheapo cards.
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Re: 8 GB Extreme III problems

Kevin. Wow what a bad run you have had.  You are very patient I would have given up long ago.  I am having simular problems thankfully not with wedding or portrait work only Commisssioned work but thankfully I can redo without to much bother.  I came on here to get contact details to talk to them about possible causes. Thanks for listing the cards you are not having problems with.  I have used sandisk in the past and not had problems with the brand but this is the second 8GB I have owned that has failed.  I wont be buying another one