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Performance variance in Extreme cards?

I have 2 8GB Extreme cards that have produce very different performance numbers, the cards were purchased at different times from different vendors. Using my D700 w/MB-D10 grip using fully charged Eneloops. Camera set to Continuous High and Focus set to Release. I format the cards in camera. During the testing I formatted the card after each test and tested one card for a time period then the other, camera on a tripod.


Card 1 BI090812916B


21 shots in 5 seconds

27 shots in 10 seconds

34 shots in 15 seconds


Card 2 BI09112916B


23 shots in 5 seconds

33 shots in 10 seconds

44 shots in 15 second


I ran each test 3 times.


Seems to me this is a pretty big variance?


Your thoughts?