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OS X will not read CF Extreme 16gb 60MB/s card


I just purchased a 16gb 60MB/s card and with the exception of the rattling mentioned in this post:

it seems to have been working fine; however when I tried to load it onto my computer via usb card reader, the computer could not see the disk. Nothing at all happened, it was as if I had never plugged my card reader in. So far no amount of re-formatting or partitioning on computer or in camera seems to be working. The only way that I can get OS 10.5 to see the card is if I restart the computer with the card reader still plugged into it. When I do this all the images transfer fine so I'm very perplexed as to what the issues is because if I eject the card and try to load it back onto the computer again, the computer will no longer be able to see it.


Any tips or suggestions you can offer will be most appreciated. 


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Re: OS X will not read CF Extreme 16gb 60MB/s card

Ask the manufacturer of the reader if the capacity is supported or test another card on that USB reader if it's still working.