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my computer not recognize the U3 drive - help


my computer is Intel pentium ||| 450Mhz ( usb 1.1 )

i bought new usb 2.0 pci card 4 ports.

is was alot of problems to make this card activat but at last i manage.

MY problem is: when i plug in any thing in that card it recognized immediatey but when i plug my U3 SanDisk Cruzer Micro usb flash drive 4.0 GB it's not recognized and not upload very well. it's give me 2 letters ( j drive + i CD drive) but nuthing inside them and it's not start Autoplay.

if i plug my flash drive to the 1.1 usb onbord it's working O.K But slow(1.1).

is any body know How can i fix this??

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Re: my computer not recognize the U3 drive - help

if it works normally in the 1.1 ports on the mother board it is most likely a power issue. this is common with pci usb cards. try using a usb self powered hub.