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files no longer recognized after trojan removal with avast!

I took my flash drive to a store in order to print some photos. The 1st time I plugged it in my pc after that, avast! professional located 2 trojans on the device (program and documents, I think) and I deleted them without paying much attention to what I was doing to later find out that, despite the drive being recognized, I could not access the files because the location was invalid. I can't recall whether I ever plugged it in that pc after installing avast! or plugging it in a computer with any anti-virus after having connected it to the store's computer.


The same thing happened to my girlfriend when she plugged her kingston drive to her pc using a recently installed avast! anti virus. I don't know if she ever connected it after having installed the new anti virus or if it started happening after she took the drive to print some pictures.


Could we have been infected when plugging the drives onto bugged computers or is it avast!'s problem with flash drives? How do I solve this problem?


thanks a lot to anyone who replies

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Re: files no longer recognized after trojan removal with avast!

My guess is that the virus is on the computer at the photo store. Most of those photo kiosks don't have virus protection, and since pretty much anyone can stick a flash drive into it your bound to catch something. I would inform the photo store that they need to invest in some virus protection. Another option would be to only use SD cards that have a write-protect (lock) switch. This way the photo kiosk can read from the card but is not allowed to write anything to the card.