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Vista Compatability

When will there be a driver or a fix for the Cruzer micro 4.0 GB for Vista. My daughter wants to get me one for Christmas.
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Re: Vista Compatability

Not that I really know anything, I don't have Vista at home, but in case it helps, I thought I'd mention:
I bought 3 of these this morning (black friday) from Radioshack.  I just grabbed three off the same display, only one rung up at the sale price, the other two, which looked the same at first glance, were full price.  Turns out the sale price only applied to the ones marked as "Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost", which is an feature exclusive to Vista.  The clerk went and got me the correct version and removed all the non ReadyBoost marked packages from the display. 
The packages were identical except for an added sticker mentioning the ReadyBoost found inside on the insert just above the drive.  Still no mention of Vista compatibility on the package in the included documentation.   So other than that sticker, or the link here (on the product page) pointing to the ReadyBoost info, there is no mention of Vista. 
That said, the sticker looks like an official indication of Vista compatibility, so I expect they will work with it, something I won't be able to test first person till later next week.
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Re: Vista Compatability

when you purchase a new device look for "enhanced for readyboost" on the package and under compatible OS look for Vista. i read somewhere that an update for the non compatible versions will be out late this year. no confirmed date but the year is almost over so hopefully it will be out soon.
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Re: Vista Compatability

where you read about this update, becouse I,ve same problem with this 4GB key with + sticker("enhanced for readyboost" SDCZ6-.... isn,t work like readyboost these very suks, anybody know what saying about these problem sandisk:smileymad:
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Re: Vista Compatability

The Cruzer should be compatible with Vista even it isn't enhanced for ReadyBoost...
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Re: Vista Compatability

I just received my SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive 4.0 GB with U3 (SDCZ6-4096-A10RB) that I ordered from Best Buy and on the back of the package under "System Requirements" it says "Windows 2000, XP, Linux, Mac OS 9.1.x+, OS X v10.1.2+" but nothing about Vista under "System Requirments" but on the front of the package there is a sticker that says "Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost" which made me believe that it would work with Vista.  I've tried it on both Windows XP and Vista and it worked great on both so if you're looking for it to work on Vista I'd make sure that it says "Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost".  On the Best Buy site under "Product Features" for that drive it does say "Compatible with Mac and PC; enhanced for ReadyBoost for Windows Vista".  Hope this helps.
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Re: Vista Compatability

Hi...I have a ScanDisk Micro U3 8GB Flash Drive....HP Pavillion with Vista Operating System ......when I insert the flash drive into the USB my system cannot find a driver?


Any suggestions?




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Re: Vista Compatability

There shouldn't be an issue with it and Vista; mine works on my roommate's Vista computer just fine. I did take the U3 software off of it, though. Maybe some versions of U3 aren't compatible? Still, the drive itself should be able to be used as regular storage...
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Re: Vista Compatibility

Greetings Vista lovers,

I came about a fix for my Cruzer Micro 4GB w/ U3 and solved the same issue with my 2 DVD drives being unrecognized after some software must have corrupted the Registry (I suspect Arcsoft  or Nero 8 InCD software)  This involves deleting data from the registry, so it's not for the faint of heart.  I don't fear reloading a blank hard drive so you know my fear factor.  This will be long because I have the info I found on another Forum and the way I actually edited my Registry, because it had different Key data.  Here is what worked for me.  I started this with my Cruzer out!


Hit your Start button, Click Run, Type regedit, Hit OK (You are now in the Registry)


Select the following Keys in order as separated by the \ symbol.




Verify you selected the right Key.  To the right you see a list of Name -  Type -  Date entries


Delete the LowerFilters and UpperFilters.  In the Type. It should say REG_MULTI_SZ and my Lower Data was Pfc Afc and the Upper was InCDPass incdrm


ONCE YOU DELETE IT,IT'S GONE.   I copied everything to a word document incase I needed to reenter the data.


After deleting, I went to Device Manager (Either Administrative Tools/Computer Management/ Device Manager or Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager)  Since my initial issue was ny Optical drives, Uninstall the optical drives if they have the yellow triangle with an exclamation point.  There was no driver present for the Cruzer.  I could see it in my folders, but could not access it or see contents.


Restart your PC.  It will start Plug n Play and start loading drivers.  Vista will tell you to restart.  After you log in, go to Device Manager and your Optical Drives and Cruzer will be normal with no errors.


Stick in the Cruzer and when prompted, select always autorun U3 Flash Drive.  It should start up.  Mine auto started 2 new applications,  but that is probably because they were new.  Everything appears to work.  I will say that previously, I reformatted the entire Flash Drive and reloaded Launcher and the software I wanted from the SanDisk site.  I don't think versions matter, but maybe ...


Now if your Registry Data in the two Filters is different, it probably doesn't matter, but there is always a risk messing with the registry.  I saw one other potential fix talking about deleting a Cache1 file, I assume in Windows\System32 somewhere.  Don't have any details.


Now here are the instructions I began with so try what you like.  Let this group and DVD folks know if this works for you.  VERY IMPORTANT- I have a DELL Dimension 8300, wit upgraded graphics, memory, power supply and hard drive for my box.  Your Registry may be slightly different.


_______________Good Luck  Steve W  Brookline, NH


Re: Optical drivers corrupted in Vista 32 bit

I found a .reg file that someone had created that fixed my problem! Here is the code from the file:






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Thank you for the last post!
I have a Toshiba DVDW/HD TS-L802A ATA that stopped working after a video driver was updated. I checked the above referanced registery key
and only had the upper filter listed. All I had to do was delete the value of it and scan for
hardware changed under manage and I am now up and running. Not sure what they other registy entries were for but I didn't have to mess with them. Thanks for the info!