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USB Flash Help

Hey guys I need to get about 100 documents from an old computer.

It runs on Windows 98 (not SE) and when I put in my USB (SanDisk U3 Cruzer Micro 1GB flash) It doesnt read the USB. On device manager it shows a yellow exclamation mark.

I need to download the correct drivers for it. Only on Windows 98 (not SE).
As I read in the other thread removing U3 will work.  But will it work for Windows 98 (not SE) with some other kind of driver?
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Re: USB Flash Help

Windows 98 is not supported by SanDisk.

That being said, if you can follow the directions that people who say they have gotten it to work on Win98SE, then that will also work for Win98.

But, not having a Win98 machine, I have never tried it, so you will need to follow their directions.  And again, don't call SanDisk, because it is not supported.