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Re: One Blink

Just did the "bend the connection" thing, and it worked great here...which is nice, since LC Technologies data recovery would have run around $125.00, and taken up to a week!

Just remember...flash memory has a limited read/write lifecycle, so if you use your drive a lot, plan to replace/upgrade it annually, if not more often.

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Re: One Blink

@CoLdFuZioN wrote:
waaah!! that is really to risky... i don't want to lose my warranty.  :manvery-happy:

It's not really an issue of risky. It's an issue of how valuable the data and the drive are to you.
You have have the following choice
A. A broken flash drive because it was bent, no data recovered, drive not replaceable under warranty.
B. Send the drive to LC-tech, retrieve data, a brand new replaced drive if the warranty is valid.
If you don't care about the flash drive sure try bending it but you could end up losing data.
If you don't care about the data then just have it replaced.