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Light goes out

this is a new 2 gig micro cruzer.  it worked on 2 different computers today.  the 3rd computer I tried it on it does not work.  The light comes on for about 20 seconds and then goes off and randomly come back on for a few minutes.  The computer (XP SP2) see's it, installs drivers and then looses it.  if I go to device manager it shows up as an unknow device working properly, and then it will refresh and show up as a mass storage device, and then sometimes it will go away completly.  I cannot see it under my computer and it does not show the Icon in the bottom right.  I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice with no luck.  The only thing I notice is that this requires a high power usb hub.  I have on USB ports mounted to the mother board and ones on an old PCI card.  I believe the PCI card is 2.0  I read somewheres else that they make USB hubs with external power supplies.  is this the problem and can someone explain it a little more?
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Re: Light goes out

If you don't have a USB 2.0 port available, a powered USB 2.0 hub should work just as well.
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High Powered USB Port?

Are all 2.0 high powered?  b/c on the requirements for the micro it lists them as 2 different things.  And now I am having a problem with a different computer.  When I first wrote about the issue I tried it on a computer and it worked fine.  a few days later I went back to it and it started doing the same thing.  The light would come on momentarily and then go out and the computer wouldn't recognize it.  However with this computer I put it in a different port and it came right up.  And this computer that I am referring about now is a 1.0. Is this a bad USB stick?
    Just to clear it up I understand I wont get the same transfer rate from a 1.0 to a 2.0.  But what is the deal with the with the requirements saying that it needs to be high powered?
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Re: High Powered USB Port?

The power is what lights up the drive.  I don't think it should really be an issue if the drive works but there is no light.