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Error Copying File or Folder

Hello, I am trying to transfer a music file from one PC to another. So, I plugged my Cruzer Micro (USB 2.0 Flash Drive 4GB w/ Ready Boost) into the PC. My plan was to copy the original music file I had on my desktop and then copy it (or paste it) to the U3 system file. When I attempted this, an error message came up and said "Error Copying File of Folder...Cannot create or replace (File Name): Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use." If anyone has any advice or can help me on this situation that would be great. Thanks, Zack
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Re: Error Copying File or Folder

If you are trying to save it directly to the U3 Drive (listed as a CD Drive) it will not copy.  That portion is strictly for launching the U3 Launchpad etc.  All files have to be save into the "Removable Disk".....i guess, kinda treat it like that U3 drive doesn't exist.