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Cruzer U3 and Vista

Anyone who knows when there will be a software upgrade available for U3 on WIndows Vista?

When I attach my Cruzer Micro 1 Gb onto my Vista PC, then the program 'LaunchU3.exe' cannot be executed. An error dialog saying "This version of Windows is not supported by the U3 Launchpad on this drive. Supported versions are: Windows XP, 2000 SP4, and 2003 Server." appears, and only the file storage device is mounted.
In other words, it's impossible to run U3 programs on my stick which, apart from the storage drive, makes it rather useless on Vista.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Re: Cruzer U3 and Vista

a vista compatible LP is availible. the vista compatible LP is you can use the LP installer to get the latest LP. on a side note there are some device (firmware) versions that are not vista compatible regardless of the LP version. the device versions that are not vista compatible are 2.17, 2.18, 2.19, and 2.20. this can be found in the help and support>about u3 drive. i have heard that sandisk is going to release an update that will resolve the incompatability issues but i do not know a set date for this release.
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Re: Cruzer U3 and Vista

I have a SanDisk Cruzer Micro U3 2.0 GB with firmware 2.17 and I was able to get the U3 portion working under Windows Vista Enterprise.  This may or may not work for others or other firmware.   Try this at your own risk as you will be flashing the drive.  Possible data loss and drive destruction can occur.  I offer this as information ONLY.

Steps I took:


  1. Downloaded latest U3 software from SanDisk.
  2. Inserted my Sandisk Micro 2.0 GB U3 drive into USB port and allowed Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise to install drivers.
  3. Assured I could access both drives there were added.
  4. Invoked the U3 LaunchPad installer that I downloaded.
  5. Followed the instructions and pointed the install to the drive where the Launchu3.exe is supposed to be.
  6. The installer backed up my files, flashed my drive, and restored my files.
  7. With one second left the installer hung and I waited a few minutes and killed the process.
  8. I removed the U3 drive and am able to use my U3 drive as I do under Microsoft Windows XP.
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Re: Cruzer U3 and Vista

Hmmmm i want to try this out.  Sounds interesting...
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Re: Cruzer U3 and Vista

I plugged in my Cruzer into my notebook with Vista installed. After waiting lots ot minutes (300 secs) I got a driver installation failure

The driver installation log is posted here: (you may find yours here: %windows%\inf\

The exit status of the installation failure, reported in this log, is [Exit status: FAILURE(0x000005b4)]

Doing a little googling on this exit status I found that: the failure occurs when the device tree is restarted during driver installation. In this case, a common cause is that the driver or device itself has an issue. Diagnose this type of failure with a kernel debugger.

After all this plugging my Cruzer into my laptop (Vista) does nothing.

Plugging the cruzer into an XP machine I get the cruzer to work properly. U3 software reports Device Version 2.20. I doubt that this information is correct because in the log above, windows reports that the stick is 2.19 revision :smileymad:

So to sum up.

What have I found out? That  version 2.19 (or 2.20) is indeed incompatible with Windows Vista (for use with U3).

What to expect? A firmware upgrade if that's possible. Can anyone here tell as when?

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Re: Cruzer U3 and Vista

I called the support line yesterday and I was told that within the next few months SanDisk was going to roll out a patch for this problem. It would be nice if after registration of the flash drive, they would tell us.
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Re: Cruzer U3 and Vista

I had the same problem as most of you here, incompatibility with Windows Vista, or to be more precise:
my SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 2GB not being fully compatible with Windows Vista. Fortunately I did some research before I upgraded to Windows Vista from XP. Already back then I discovered that my SanDisk Cruzer Titanium could have some compatibility problems with Vista. No other of my hardware had any incompatibility problems, and nether did my Canon printer and my Canon scanner, I guess it's because they are relatively new. It was only this little thing from SanDisk. I found out about it in a Wikipedia article actually where it said "The U3 launchpad will work with Windows Vista as of version Data will continue to be accessible from any OS capable of reading from USB Mass Storage Devices, unless the U3 device is password-protected" By this time I was not only upgrading to Vista, I was custom building a whole new system. But before I did anything else, while still using Windows XP I disabled the password protection on my Cruzer Titanium in order to be able to use it at all in Vista. And I can tellyou that I really had no problems with it, I was able to use it for storage only, without the U3 function (it's not like I really need it actually). But I know that some users had problems with Vista not recognising the Cruzer device at all, and hence not being able to is it at all. I did not have the same problem. Perhaps they not-knowingly did not disable the password protection? I once tested to plug it into a Vista computer with the password protection enabled and I wasn't able to access the data at all. So this could be a possible reason for the problem for some users.


After many contacts with SanDisk and complaining about it I have this thing (U3 functionality) up and running, fully compatible with my Vista client. They first told me to update the Launchpad and I did that but it didn't help anyway. The reason for this, as it is stated in this thread, was that some device versions were incompatible anyway, even with the latest Launchpad version. My device number is 2.18 so it's one of these affected device versions/revisions. But now, there are some good news in case you have missed it. After several months now SanDisk did actually hold on to their promise and developed a new updated version of the firmware/Launchpad for those incompatible Cruzer devices.


Here is a reply from Chito D. at SanDisk Technical Support on my inquiry, dated


"As of now, Cruzers with U3 is not guaranteed to work on Windows Vista computer. However, Windows Vista is compatible with Cruzers with U3 Launchpad version and higher. All Cruzers with device version 2.17, 2.18, 2.19 and 2.20 will not be Vista compatible even with the new U3 Launchpad. Cruzers with device version 2.15, 2.16 and 2.21 will be able to upgrade to Vista compatibility. Currently, a solution for the Cruzers with incompatible device versions is under development.


To check the device version of your Cruzer, simply start the U3 Launchpad and click on "About U3 Drive". It will show you the following information about your U3:

- U3 Launchpad version
- Device serial number
- Device version
- ADAPI version

If U3 does not run in your computer, you may check the device version through "Device Manager". To do this, follow these steps:

- Right click "My Computer" or "Computer"
- Select "Manage"
- Under "System Tools", go to "Device Manager"
- Collapse the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" by clicking on the (+)
- Look for "USB Mass Storage Device" and then right click on it
- Select "Properties"
- On its properties window, click on "Details"
- In the drop-down list, select "Bus Relations"
- Look for the device version of your Cruzer which is written like this: 2.16


And here is a new reply from Katarzyna S.K. at SanDisk Technical Support, dated 03/30/2008:


"Now U3 launchpad update for Cruzers with device versions 2.17, 2.18, and 2.20 is now available for download.

Please, see the following instructions for installing the update:
1. Download U3 LP (launchpad)installer from our website:
2.Run the U3 LP installer and follow the wizard to complete the update."


So anyone who has a SanDisk Cruzer Titanium FDD or similar with the device number 2.17, 2.18, 2.19 or 2.20 be sure to test that new update before you do anything else and start messing with it on your own.


I hope that will help.


Kind regards,


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Re: Cruzer U3 and Vista

Thanks ElectroGeeza,


 If you do have a 2.17,2.18,2.19,2.20 device make sure and backup your data before trying the update. It's better to play it safe.

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Re: Cruzer U3 and Vista

I performed the steps provided by electrogeeza in winxp and it worked well except that when returning to vista the launchpad partition did not work, just claimed the original error. Performed it all again i vista and the LaunchPad suddenly launched :smileyhappy: (LPInstaller was allowed to erase everything and I hit Cancel/Abort etc. when Vista dialogs popped up concerning nonformatted partition, asking for formatting etc.)