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Cruiser Micro 16GB thumbdrive No Longer works on vista!

My 16GB SanDIsk cruiser micro thumbdrive can be detected by Vista as a CD device (in Device Manager), not as a usb device, and U3 launch pad cannot be launched.  But it works fine on windows XP and the U3 launch pad works great.  On vista, the U3 launch pad cannot be launched.  I used the SanDisk download wizard to download the driver for vista, and I tried to install it to the usb cruiser micro 16GB.  after installing the driver (using the windows xp on another pc) and trying to use it on a vista os, it says that this launch pad is for windows xp and 2000 only. (that was the version I was led to by download wizard as being the vista version.)  Now, I need a true driver for vista.  When I first bought the device, it was working with vista with no problem (U3 launchPad was launching automatically and password works fine and access to files was OK).  But now, after a few weeks of not using it, it cannot be used on vista anymore.   There seems to be NO Driver for VIsta?!!!! Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.  TQ


Note: the thumbdrive was formatted while installing the driver, so this would've removed any virus if there was one.  Besides, my Norton AV is up to date.