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Change Drive Name

My flash drive starts up with the U3 system as drive E, and the storage component as drive G.  How do I change this, so the storage component starts up as drive F?
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Re: Change Drive Name

Before you go changing the drive letter, you must find something out. 


Something else must be F: or it would have given it that.  Are you sure that there is nothing else, ever, that is assigned drive letter F:?


It is important that you do not change the drive letter until you figure that out, because you will have a drive letter conflict after you change the letter.


Here is how to do it:


1)  With the Cruzer plugged in, right click on My Computer (or Computer for Vista) and choose Manage. 

2)  Click on Disk Management on the left hand side.  The right hand side will turn into two panes, and upper half and lower half. 

3)  On the upper half, find the Cruzer (drive G:smileyhappy: and right click it, and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths. 

4)  Click the Change button, and then select the letter you choose from the drop down box.  Click OK.