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Broken Cruzer Micro 2.0GB!!!

I broke my Cruzer Micro 2.0GB today...laptop, armchair...I know you've heard it before.
There are 4 metal posts coming from the board to the male end that plus into the USB board.  It's like 2 of those posts have become disconnected (unsoldered) from the board.
Do I have any options here or have I lost a TON of work?  Can I send it to someone who knows about this stuff and might be able to repair it to retrieve all of the data in limbo???
I could cry.
Any help would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!!!
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Re: Broken Cruzer Micro 2.0GB!!!

There may be a local shop that can repair it for you depending on the damage.  For data recovery i use They're grrrreat!  I know that SanDisk won't replace it if you damaged it yourself.