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8Gb usb keey - max file size

Knowing file size limitation with the FAT32 file system (around 4GB), I would like to know how to store such files on the 8Gb key.
Should format it using NTFS file system that support higher file sizes ?
How to do this operation in with Xp as it suggest me only FAT/FAT32 ?
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Re: 8Gb usb keey - max file size

NTFS is a journaled file system. journaled file systems will perform more read/write cycles to the device and this will dramatically decrease the life expectancy of the device. i would not suggest formatting the device to NTFS. if you would still like to try you will need to optimize the device for performance. to do this go to device manager under disk drives right click the device and select properties. then choose the policies tab and select optimize for performance. after this is done you will have NTFS as an option when formatting the device. (note if you optimize the device for performance you MUST use the safely remove hardware before disconnecting the device to prevent data corruption.)

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Re: 8Gb usb keey - max file size

Thanks for your input, drlucky.
OK, I understand the concern regarding an excess of read/write cycle and its impact on the memory lifetime. (thanks for the tip)
Is there then any solution to store one single file of more than 4Gb ?
NTFS was the only solution I found. Otherwise I will have to go to a DVD based solution much less sexy in my opinion
(PS, unfortunately, no way to use splitted zip or rar compression)
Since 8Gb become available, this problem may rise more and more... (I guess we will easily reach 16Gb in 6 months for the same pricing, and so on ...)

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Re: 8Gb usb keey - max file size

Unfortunately there is no other solution. the 4GB single file limit is a limitation of the FAT32 file system.