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my U3 lauchpad downloads comes from

Hi staff/forumers,


I was trying to download firefox from my U3 launchpad browser (downloads link on the lauchpad u3 menu). Well, it is openning the u3 browser but when I click to download firefox it opens the windows download dialog wich points to:

Name: firefoxu3.exe

Type: Application, 8.23 mb



After download completed and I click to run install, the install AVG antivirus says me it is infected.


Please help me as now I see everything I'm downloading from the lauchpad browser on my U3 is pointing to the site and I cant download anything more.





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Re: my U3 lauchpad downloads comes from

Uninstall - reinstall launchpad then download firefox from

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Re: my U3 lauchpad downloads comes from

The site is just the datacenter.  No worries there, as it is a secure, legitimate business datacenter.


As for AVG saying there is a trojan, you are running an old version of AVG.  This is a known issue with older versions, and AVG has released an update.  I would suggest getting the updated version and you will not see the alert about trojans with U3 apps any more.