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beginners guide please


maybe i´m stupid or something, but i cant get cruzersync to work. all i want is that this program to do is to sync a folder thats 1. on my hdd and 2. on the stick.


how do i set cruzersync up to do this: just checking which folder/file version is the newest and copy this one to the other folder (either stick or hdd)??


thanks for the help

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Re: beginners guide please

That is not what it does.


It only syncs from the computer to the Cruzer, automatically if you leave it at the default.  You must manually sync back to the computer, and it replaces what is on the computer with what is on the Cruzer. 

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Re: beginners guide please

ok, but why should i sync from the computer to the stick but not the other way? thats senseless. i dont want that stick to be only a backup-memory. if i wanted a backup, i would have bought something bigger that 8gb...i just want to have some files updated so that they are always the same, on the stick and on the hdd. and will certainly not use cruzersync to manually sync back to the computer thats a lot faster with the explorer or any other filemanager.


so in the end i have to copy everything i wanna have updated manually on the stick or on the hdd, right?