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Virus Software on the Cruzer

When I open the LaunchPad, McAfee is initializing..the next floating window tells me it is a setup window, it asks me what is my country and appears to be an opportunity to purchase virus software for the Cruzer.  What if I do not want to use McAfee and I want to use something else or just want to use what is on my computer already?  Do I have to ask my virus software company for something specific to a flash drive??  It seems like using what I already bought and paid for should be enough, it works for floppy disks etc.

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Re: Virus Software on the Cruzer

McAffee is there to protect the flash drive when you plug it into an unknown computer.  If you do not intend to do that, or if you rely on the anti-virus to catch stuff on your computer, then no worries, you can get rid of the software on the flash drive.