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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Yes, the generic driver is working great on mine.
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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Can someone help with my problem without going the "generic download" route?

    I am using the "black" Sandisk Micro Cruzer 2Gb.

 Sandisk Driver is loaded in 98SE computer but cannot get cruzer to "fire up".


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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Hi Carson
From your previous posts, it sounds like it's working fine.  To find out:
Go to the main screen and double click My Computer
After that screen comes up, plug the Cruzer into the usb port
After a few seconds, the new drive should appear
Double click on the drive icon and it's contents should pop-up [just as if you clicked on any other drive - Removable Disk (Drive:  )]
To Backup data to this drive just Copy the file from whatever folder it's in to the new drive or use Save As when saving the file and save it to the new drive
Hope this helps
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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Thanks for your reply, Bill

I know I am getting close to success, but it is still eluding me. Let me recap and tell you what I find:

I followed your instructions - double-click on (removable) E drive,
       I get a small window with of 1 folder inside called "CRUZER FAMILY 98SE DRIVER".

Inside that folder are 9 files:
    1.   609 Kb
    2. DATA1.HDR  14.0 Kb
    3.   512 bytes
    4. IKERNEL.EXE   338 Kb
    5. LAYOUT.bin      441 bytes
    6. SETUP.bmp   92.6 KB   (when opened its an image of SANDISK logo)
    7. SETUP.EXE   35 KB   a launcher
    8. SETUP.INI      148 bytes
    9. SETUP.INX     115 KB

I guess I am looking for the real DRIVER, but don't know where it is. Is it one of the 9 above?

Have been trying to find the location of C:\WINDOWS\INF\SNDK98.INF (with FIND command) as mentioned in your earlier post, to no avail.  I presume that is the real driver which I should copy into the E Drive.

Am I right so far?

Once I find the thing, will it be in a file and shall I copy the file or only the content into the E drive?

Appreciate your help, Bill

PS: My machine is extremely clean and well functioning on everything.

carson 35

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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Hi Carson
Let's take this one step at a time.
First: go to the main screen and double click My Computer without the Cruzer plugged into the usb slot
Second: Plug in the Cruzer. The light on the Cruzer should come on and, after a few seconds, a new drive icon should appear in the My Computer window.
Third: Unplug the Cruzer and the new drive that appeared should disappear.
This will tell us if your machine is "seeing" the drive.
If it is, I suspect that the driver files are working ok and the zip file was somehow copied or unpacked onto the Cruzer.
If your machine is not "seeing" the new drive, we'll have to take it from there and do something different.
Let me know what you get.
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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

GoodMorning, Bill,
      Must say you are a patient man, thank you.
Step 1.-    I d'click My computer,  no drive
                Inserted cruzer in USB slot - light comes on,  D-drive appears on My computer
                Remove cruzer from Usb port - D-Drive disappears.

( I have the Sandisk icon on my desktop, as required by the original download instructions. Properties: 1.17Mb.  Contains 9 files, 1 folder).

    FYI: Don't want to be a total burden on you, but if you have the time to help me out, I'll really appreciate it.  Time is not a major factor. I'll be out of commission for a few days starting tomorrow; a little hospital stay for a couple of days. Hope you will stay with me on this until we get it resolved - one way or the other.

carson 35,  Florida retiree.

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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Hi Carson
No problem. It looks to me like your Cruzer is working just fine, like it's supposed to.
I'm not sure about that Sandisk icon on your desktop - we'll have to look into that a bit further, but
if the Cruzer shows up as drive D when you insert it and disappears when you remove it, it is working.
All you have to do is use it like any other drive on your system:
Use Save As to save files to it
Drag and Drop files into it
For more info Click on Start on your desktop
Click on Help
Click on the Index Tab
Scroll down to files and choose a topic to get more info - it has help on copying files and backing up files, saving file in various places etc.
Just ignore that Sandisk icon on your desktop for now, we'll figure it out later. It links to something. I never got one myself, but I probably told it I didn't want it when I installed the drivers.
Let me know when you get it figured out and Good Luck at the hospital.
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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Hi Bill,

    Eureka, you are right. It's working as it should without further changes. You provided the secret word: Use "save as" or "drag it onto D-drive". I tried both methods and all copied fine.

    Having never used an external back-up device before I just didn't know how to do it. In all my researching the problem, I never ran across that activity written anywhere.

I suppose if I want to backup the modified file, I just do the same and it will over-write the old file on Drive-E. Is that the way it works?

I'll talk to you in a few days when I get back. You made my day, Bill.

Re the Sandisk icon, it is only used during the initial down-load of the driver. It does nothing more than open a window for the cruzer folder. Not to worry about.

I will probably have a few more operational questions for you then.

Thanks again, Bill

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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Hello Bill, (England calling)


If it is ok with you, I would like to call on your knowledge base, if not, (and this thread has been

quiet for some time now), I will understand.


I have a Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB flash drive 2.0 GB, and I'm trying to trfr some old files from

a Win 98se comp to a more modern one.


I have downloaded the Win 98 files from Sandisk as per their instructions, without too much

of a problem. However.....


I thought that you had solved my problem with your post on the 11-27-07.

"Highlight SanDisk on the Left and Cruzer (as noted above) on the Right".

However the 'closest!' manufacturer in my old computer wizard is Sundisk!, and the model is Sandisk
ATA Flashdisk.
Your next step was..
"You may get a: WARNING - The driver was not written for the selected hardware... Are you sure..."
The location of my file is C:\WINDOWS\INF\MSHDC.INF
Your location was C:\WINDOWS\INF\SNDK98.INF
I carried on regardless however, I still came unstuck, sorry to report.
Yes,  I thought that you had solved it for me, but as you read this you will gather otherwise.
I have looked at System Properties, and the Sandisk ATA Flashdisk is shown in the Hard Disk controllers,
but with an exclamation mark over it saying "device either not present"
                                                                 "not working properly"
                                                                 "or does not have all the drivers installed"
To get around this, I made copied the files to a dvd, and tried to update from the disk,
once again without success. :-(
Bill, if you could help please, I would be very grateful to say the least.
If you can't, (and would like this thread to go <back> to sleep, its ok,
I'll take it to the shop, or wherever.
Thank you anyway.
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Re: Problems installing Micro driver with WIN98SE

Hi Paul


I'm sure we can figure it out for you. It's been a while since I have had to install the drivers, so I'm going to have to think about it a little. I've got quite a bit on my plate for a day or two, but I'll think about your problem and get back to you asap.