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CruzerSync - windows system problem, help!



I have a 4GB Sandisk USB flash driver with U3.  I tried to use CruzerSync U3 but it didn't work well for me (several reasons: very slow, not user-friendly interface, 'an error ocurred and the program needs to close' every time I tried to use it!), so I decided to uninstall the program. 

But every time I insert the USB flash driver a 'CruzerSyncData' folder is created and my Favorites folder is left blank. 

When I try to erase the former folder a message says: 'CruzerSyncData is a Windows System folder which is needed to ejecutes Windows. It can not be deleted'. 

It doesn't let me Safely Remove the drive, when I remove it an error message says to me that some files were attempting to be saved on the CruzerSyncData folder, mainly internet archives. 

It seems like the system is constantly doing that so the driver is on use all the time, and I'm concern about damage that can be caused by that. 

:smileysad: Can you help me??




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Re: CruzerSync - windows system problem, help!

How did you uninstalled cruzersync?
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Re: CruzerSync - windows system problem, help!

I have the exact same problem plus all my Office applications start up with giving me a dialog saying "Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable."  It seemed to occur after installing the CruzerSync software on the U3.


I tried uninstalling the CruzerSync software but that didn't help.


I was able to resolve the problem by using the windows registry restore process and restoring to a point just before installing the CruzerSync software.  After restoring, I am able to delete the directory, eject the drive normally and the Office errors stop.

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Re: CruzerSync - windows system problem, help!

hi, I am having the exact same problem, did you manage to solve this?