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Re: What are your pet peeves?

@Marvin_Martian wrote:

Posts like this:


"My (insert playername here) doesn't do (insert issue here) I guess I'll go try an i-Pod."


Fine. I could give a rat's **bleep** orifice whether or not you're buying an iPod...I'm not part of SanDisk. I'm not going to cry in my cereal because you can't make your player do what you want, and I'm not going to commit seppuku due to you buying an iPod. So don't waste my time, and yours, telling me what you're going to go an buy....just go do it and go away


OK, rant over

Yup. Those are the people I mark in my memory bank, and never offer any form of assistance.  Sorry, I know it sounds rather cold; but I don't have to be here; I don't have to offer any help. Those are also the same type that once they get the answer they need, offer no thanks whatsoever......

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