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Re: why did you mess up the sansa fuze???

I cannot believe Sansa went from a pretty great Sansa Fuse design (which I had 2), and LOVED them, to the Sansa Clip and Clip+.


I got both of them and returned them both. The interface is terrible, the volume is poor, the interface is terrible,


(did I say that already?)


Sansa took a giant step backwards when they got away from what the older Fuze did, and getting a NEW Sansa Fuse today is very hard and VERY Expensive. People who know what the old Fuze really is, knows in today's MP3 world, it's worth it's weight in GOLD.


I used to have my friends with Ipods want to try my Fuze and I had to run them down to get it back.


There's refurbed Fuzes, but I have had poor quality used ones purchased, that were on their last leg.


I'm looking for a new Brand (not an IPOD).



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Re: why did you mess up the sansa fuze???

As I type this, I am actually listening to my Sansa Fuze+.

I think everyone who hates the new Fuze+ need to take a step back, and realize that complaining will most likely not change anything.


I really like my Fuze+. It works very well, and I have had no issues. Yes, I will admit that the new interface for the scroll wheel took a little bit of getting used to but once you use it for a few weeks, you're good to go.

If you don't like Sansa anymore, go buy an iPod. Simple as that.