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Re: memory wipe out

@redford wrote:

suddenly the Zip has erased all inernal memory!


Care to elaborate?

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Re: blips and skips

@redford wrote:

good news. but it looks like Sandisk gurus think this issue is tiny so my requests are just being binned. if old players can handle low bit rate then why not high tech new ones? surely saving memory is a good thing.

There is one member here, JK98, that listens to a lot of low-bitrate files.....and I mean well under 100kbps.....on various Sansa players (including the Zip). So my guess is there is something up with your files, whether it is the tags or not, I couldn't be sure.

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Re: blips and skips

Hi guys. It's a convention this afternoon!


I've had few problems with the low bit rates (using 64kb on some podcasts) but it is interesting to see reported issues below the 128 threshold.


Same here, I'm interested in what happened with lost files. You could try running chkdsk on the device (MSC mode) and see if there was a FAT corruption- that would make files appear "invisible".


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