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Re: Volume Increase in SANSA e280

@mitchfeinberg wrote:
its like every thing else in the world little things that bother people i wonder about the future of busisness in the world i realize that the governments propaganda controll over people and the tv news efects everything in peoples life even the volume on millions of peoples mp3 players im asking sandisk i realize all i paid was 20 dollars for the sansa i still want the program to set the volume to at least 150 db i am shure that i am not concerned about my ears ringing i am a musician and other than being thankful to god for music i feel that alot of the ringing in peoples ears is from the static field from all the power lines and green boxes music is good for people and the sound waves from the headphones help the ears to relax and therefore are better for people the controlled waves from rock music help to aleviate tension in peoples brains and a higher volume on mp3 players would cause the increase of those waves to help people to feel better

Mr. Feinberg, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Period .


You should get to know him (along with his cousin, Mr. Comma). They can be invaluable assistants when trying to convey your thoughts when typing & unable to use verbal speech.


As far as legalizing drugs . . . it sounds as though you've been doing OK the way things are now. Smiley Tongue